Mattress Cleaning

We won’t waste any time telling you how many hours you spend in bed, but needless to say, experts recommend mattress cleaning!

Are you worried about mattress cleaning being too tiring? Let Cleaner Carpets Ashford take care of it for you! Contact us now to learn more about our professional mattress cleaning services, and book a consultation with one our staff members.

Our high-quality mattress cleaning service will eliminate bed bugs, spores, and bacteria. Mattress cleaning at home offers many benefits: There is no need to move the mattress so it won’t be damaged or stained during transport, you can monitor the process at your convenience, and you can use the mattress that evening.

Our specialists provide a professional mattress cleaning service to remove the dirt and dead skin that has built up over time. We offer a variety of professional mattress cleaning services that use hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning. This includes the use of a powerful vacuum to deep clean mattresses.

What sizes of mattress do you clean?

Mattress washing is available for all sizes, including single, double, and king-sized mattresses. We understand that it can be hard to get your mattresses cleaned. Therefore, we will come to you and do the whole process in your home.

What is the cost to clean a mattress?

Our mattress cleaning prices start at £40 for the initial mattress and at £20 for each additional mattress.

There are many factors that can affect the cost of cleaning a mattress. Price will be affected by the size of the mattress. Cleaning king-sized mattresses will cost you more than cleaning a single one. Your mattress condition will affect the cost of washing them. You may need to use more cleaning agents if there are stains that are hard to remove, which could increase the cleaning cost. Our specialists are fully qualified and will make sure that your mattress is sanitised, clean, and comfortable at an affordable price.

How we clean and protect your mattress

We offer a variety of professional mattress cleaning services that use hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning. Our professional cleaners use a powerful vacuum to deep clean mattresses. Dry-cleaning techniques can also be used to clean a mattress, but are less effective when dealing with stains.

A mattress cleaning begins with a thorough inspection of the surface, followed by:

  • Take sheets and bedding off the mattress
  • To remove dirt and dead skin, vacuum the surface, particularly the seams.
  • To remove stains, use a special cleaning agent
  • Use specialist cleaning products to clean the mattress and remove odours.

For a free estimate on dry and wet mattress cleaning costs, and for personalized advice about which cleaning or maintenance service to choose, give us a call. You can then relax knowing that your mattress is protected against the main cause of allergies.