Cleaner Carpets Ashford offer a range of specialist fire retardant products to protect curtains, upholstery, and linings. Commercial clients can get curtain and upholstery fireproofing for all types of buildings. This includes hospitals, schools, nursing homes, theatre curtains, stage curtains in village halls, theatres, cinemas, restaurants, offices, and many other places.

If required, domestic customers can have their upholstery and curtain flameproofing services done simultaneously with curtain, carpet, and upholstery cleaning.

Fire Safety in Home Furnishings: A Quick Look

When were fire regulations for furniture implemented in the UK?

There was a rising trend in home fire-related deaths from the 1960’s through the 1980’s. These alarming statistics prompted the UK government to take action. In 1988, they introduced the Furniture and Furnishing Fire Safety Regulations, which were later amended in 1989 and 1993.

These regulations establish fire resistance levels for domestic upholstered furniture and furnishings, as well as other upholstery products.

Furniture that is covered by the regulation

These regulations apply to anyone who rents furniture as part of a business. This includes furniture that is part of accommodation rented out in the course of business. The regulations are applicable to landlords, estate agents, and letting agents who rent such accommodation. Responsible for ensuring compliance with the regulations is the first supplier of the domestic upholstered furniture within the UK. This is why it is important to define the first supplier in the UK for manufacturers, importers, and retailers.

Other sectors have specific responsibilities, including charities, letting, holiday houses and furnished residential properties.

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