Professional Carpet Cleaning in Ashford

Tired of dingy, dirty carpets bringing down the look of your Ashford property? We’re here to refresh your floors and upholstery so your space can shine again

Local, Trusted ASHFORD carpet cleaning experts

Welcome to Cleaner Carpets Ashford, your top choice for exceptional carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Ashford, Kent and the surrounding areas. Our skilled professional cleaners have been delivering premium cleaning results to domestic and commercial clients throughout the region for over 15 years.

We provide a comprehensive range of carpet cleaning Ashford services including stain removal, carpet shampooing, and restorative deep carpet cleaning for both residential and office carpets. Our powerful van-mounted systems can breathe new life into carpets by lifting dirt from the very base of the pile. We also specialize in upholstery cleaning for sofas, chairs, rugs and more.

Whether you’ve got wall-to-wall carpeting, heirloom rugs, or fabric-covered furniture in need of revival, we’ve got the tools and expertise to breathe new life into your home. Our proven cleaning methods lift away years of embedded dirt, stains, allergens and odours for healthier indoor air quality.

We understand that it takes more than just equipment to deliver a 5-star service. All our cleaners are rigorously trained to be polite, reliable, and to clean with care. Get in touch today for a customized quote on any Ashford carpet cleaning services you need, either in the town or the surrounding Kent areas.

Ashford homeowners trust us to provide an unparalleled level of service and beautiful results. Read our rave reviews and discover why we’re the top choice for Ashford carpet cleaning. Contact us today for a free quote and see the difference a deep clean can make!

WHAT your neighbours say

Murrough Mc HughMurrough Mc Hugh
22:00 31 Oct 23
For the quality of service I thought the value was amazing. All carpets were left fresh and stain free - like new! Quite an old and expensive rug I inherited from my uncle (that I thought was too far gone) was totally revived. It’s beautiful and now takes pride of place in the living room.It’s really great to see a company taking such pride in their work.
Patrick MillnerPatrick Millner
10:06 25 Sep 23
Great service, my carpets are as good as new. Thanks
A Google User
A Google User
10:06 25 Sep 23
Great service, my carpets are as good as new. Thanks
Chris KemsleyChris Kemsley
09:07 25 Sep 23
David BidenDavid Biden
12:51 25 Jan 23
Amazing service would use again.


our professional principles

At Cleaner Carpets Ashford we go the extra mile to give your home showroom-worthy floors. Our passion is reviving tired, dirty carpets and upholstery so they look and feel fresh, clean and luxurious.

We adhere to four core principles for an unmatched cleaning experience:

  • Five-Star Service: Our technicians take pride in exceeding expectations to deliver results that delight on every job. We won’t stop until you’re 100% satisfied.
  • Communication Excellence: We provide clear, ongoing updates from booking to completion so you know what to expect throughout the process. No surprises here!
  • Fair & Fixed Pricing: Upfront, competitive quotes mean no haggling and no hidden fees. The price we quote is the price you pay, guaranteed.
  • Unsurpassed Results: With advanced equipment and meticulous methods, we lift away years of accumulated dirt, stains, allergens and odours in ways basic cleaners can’t match.

Services we offer

At Cleaner Carpets Ashford we’re committed to bringing the highest standards of carpet cleaning to domestic and commercial customers in the Ashford area

And it’s not just carpets we clean. If your rug is looking riffy, or your curtains are getting claggy, we’ll be happy to bring them back to life! Here are some of the popular local services that we provide:

Carpet cleaners Ashford

Whether it’s a small room or an entire block of flats, we have the team and skills to handle it.

Thorough deep cleaning that leaves your carpets fresh, fragrant, and hygienic.

Our expert local carpet cleaning process works for any type of carpet.

grey rug with purple circular pattern and flowers, covered in rug shampoo, with a wooden scrubbing brush with purple bristles lying in the middle

Rug cleaning

Bring your downtrodden floor centrepiece back to life with a professional clean.

We’re experts in cleaning any type of rug, from polyester to sheepskin. We’ll use the correct tools and products for your specific rug material.

Learn more about our full rug cleaning services

Upholstery cleaning Ashford

Don’t panic over a wine or coffee stain on your favourite furniture. We’ll take care of it for you!

We have all the correct tools and cleaning products to thoroughly deep clean your upholstery while you relax

All types of upholstery fabric cleaned, including leather

empty office with desks, and plants growing on the left hand side

Commercial carpet cleaning Ashford

Regular contracts or one-off jobs for all types of commercial premises and common areas

Our commercial cleaning services can be arranged around your schedule, including outside of business hours and at weekends

Our specialist equipment will refresh even the most heavy traffic areas

Stain removal

Accidents happen. Let us sort out the mess, no matter what the cause

Experts in all types of stain removal – and most importantly – we how to not make a stain worse!

We will inspect and quote for any time and size of stain, giving you peace of mind with a fixed price

puppy lying next to a wet patch on a grey rug
an empty apartment with light grey walls and a freshly cleaned carpet

End of tenancy cleaning Ashford

Swift, professional deep cleaning at the end of a tenancy period

Fresh, clean carpets will help you let your properties more easily, and achieve higher rents

We’ll prioritise your job to minimise the amount of time your property is empty

Curtain cleaning

Our specialist cleaning techniques will remove stains and brighten up your room instantly

We can clean your curtains in-situ, or remove them if you prefer.

Non-shrinkage guarantee

cream curtain with light behind it
closeup of a slightly worn cream mattress

Mattress cleaning

Get rid of bed bugs, bacteria, and other bed baddies!

Regular mattress cleaning has been proven to improve sleep quality

We’ll clean your mattress in place, and if the job is done in the morning you’ll be able to sleep on it that night.


Ensure your commercial properties achieve fire regulation standards for soft furnishings

Flameproofing can be carried out at the same time as other cleaning activity

Domestic upholstery can also be flameproofed at competitive rates

flame retardant symbol


Carpet Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a carpet cleaning job typically cost?

Exact pricing depends on the type and size of carpet, how dirty it is, and the types of stains involved.

As a rule of thumb, expect to pay between £20-45 for a bedroom, and £60-100 for a lounge-diner sized area.

Why should I get my carpets cleaned professionally?

Carpets that are cleaned by a professional will maintain their softness, colour, and smell for much longer than uncleaned carpets.

Just as importantly, a professions deep clean will remove dust, dirt, bacteria, and even mould. All this natural detritus can become very unhygienic over time, and will not be removed by normal vacuuming.

Keeping carpets clean in a business or commercial environment will enhance the day-to-day experience of customers, and may be a contractual item for rental tenants.

Do I have to empty a room before my carpet is cleaned?

The emptier a room is before we start the quicker and the more thorough the job.

However we appreciate that it’s not always easy or practical to remove larger items of furniture, so as long as the room is clear of smaller, or breakable, items, we can work around you.

How often should carpets be professionally cleaned?

Carpets in heavy traffic areas should be cleaned every 12-18 months to maintain peak condition and last longer. For less-used areas, we recommend a 2-yearly clean.

How long does it take to clean a carpet?

This will always depend on the size of the carpet and level of soiling, but a rough average is 30 minutes per room.

How long should I stay off my carpet after it’s been cleaned?

With good ventilation a freshly cleaned carpet can dry quite quickly at normal household temperatures, but we would typically suggest leaving it for 6-10 hours after cleaning.

What’s the best way to clean carpets – shampoo or steam cleaning?

Shampooing will bring a level of cosmetic cleanliness, however steam cleaning (hot water extraction) is the most thorough way to get all the soiling out of a carpet.

What’s the best time of year to clean my carpets?

Spring time is everyone’s favourite season to tidy up the house! There are a few added benefits to cleaning in the warmer months, such as being able to leave the windows open to dry carpets faster, but of course we will happily clean your carpets at any time of year.

Should I vacuum my carpets before they’re cleaned?

We vacuum carpets as part of any cleaning process, using our professional standard equipment. But if you want to make our job a little easier and run the Hoover over yours first, feel free!

Can dirty carpets cause illness?

The build up of dirt, oils, skin cells, bacteria, dead insects, and a host of other unhygienic nasties can make an uncleaned carpet a minor health hazard.

If you suffer from allergies or skin conditions, these can be exacerbated by a dirty carpet.